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Assessments, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and Tax Solutions for Corporations and Service-Based SMBs

Comprehensive Business Solutions and

Strategic Process Improvements

Financial Assessment Solutions for Businesses

Designed to provide our clients with a clear and accurate picture of their financial health. We work to identify areas of risk & opportunity and provide clients with the guidance needed to make informed business decisions.

compliance solutions for corporations and SMBS

We help our clients comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Our labor and contract compliance services include certified payroll, and administrative support with B2G and LCPTracker.

disaster recovery solutions for corporations and government agencies

Our disaster recovery services provide data financial analysis to create opportunities for restoration of normal operations after an event of a natural disaster, or other type of disruption.

taxation solutions for corporations, SMBs, and individuals

Taxes and tax law can be a lot to keep up with for most individuals and companies, so let us handle that. We provide a wide range of tax services to our clients, including tax planning, preparation, and IRS representation

Growth and Finance-Centered Back Office Support for Near Worry-Free Operations

Starting, building, and growing a thriving business is a multifaceted process. All aspects of your business are dependent on healthy business, and at times personal, finances. 

At Elite Image Professional Services (EI:PS), we understand this. We are committed to providing our clients with the business, accounting, and tax solutions they need to get operations in good standing and sustainable. Over the years, we have built amazing client relationships and have had great project success with clients of varying sizes and industries.

If your company is looking for a high-quality, accessible, and dependable accounting team, we would love to partner with you. Contact EI:PS today!

Elite Image: Your Healthcare Accounting Partner

Your Partner to Protect, Save, and Grow Your Finances!

From employee to solopreneur to multinational corporation, your money matters completely. Elite Image Professional Services has worked with an array of clients on a magnitude of projects with varying scopes but a similar goal: protect, save, and allow for the sustainable growth of finances.

With solutions covering Assessments, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, and Taxation, we provide the comprehensive back-office and business solutions you need.

Whether project-based or full-support, let EI:PS be your accounting partner.

Elite Image has become a trusted subcontractor for the Houston Community College System, procuring contracts within the College System across multiple departments. Elite Image continues to meet project deadlines with successful delivery.

Veronica Douglas

Houston Community College Systems

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